Why use sound therapeutically?

Cymatics - Sonic forms in water.

Sound moves us at a deep level. It illuminates our internal landscape and resonates our being in unique and powerful ways. Our deep connection with sound has long been acknowledged and is recognised across all cultures.

All creation stories, for example, attribute 'coming into being' with sound. Sound literally gives birth to the phenomenal world. The ubiquity of a primordial sound in creation stories enlightens us to the relationship between sound, matter and ourselves.  What then is the nature of that relationship according to our current understanding?

Sound, as vibration, organizes matter into regular forms (see the work of Dr. Hans Jenny and Cymatics on the links page).  Human beings are great conductors of sound as we are mainly composed of water. The brain and heart are 73% water, the lungs 83%, the skin 64%, muscles and kidneys 79%, and even our bones are 31% water. Is it no wonder then that we respond so readily to sound? We can imagine that as therapeutic sound moves through us it organises and regulates at a cellular level. The work of Dr Jenny and others has shown conclusively that sound has a profound impact on matter. That is not all, however - sound also has a dramatic impact at a subtle energetic level as well.

New science has enlightened us to the fact that everything is 'energy' and, as such, vibrating at a particular frequency. From our fleeting thoughts to the kitchen table - everything has its own 'buzz', its own resonant frequency. Understanding sound in vibrational terms is the key to understanding the ability of sound to affect our being in both positive and negative ways. Just as some frequencies work well together and sound harmonious or clash and sound dissonant - so it is with the frequencies used in therapeutic sound and their interaction with the 'frequencies' or vibration of our own being.

Clearly, Therapeutic Sound (Sound Therapy) utilises sound in a positive way. Our response to sound through its energetic properties means that sound is uniquely placed as a powerful tool in any therapeutic endeavor. We are 'carriers' of sound  and it interacts with us on all levels of being - the dense physical, the emotional, the mental, and the subtle energetic. When utilised with intent our dynamic interaction with sound has immense therapeutic potential.

Sound is also able to give a voice to that which appears inexpressible. Unlike music (organised sound), therapeutic (abstract sound) is unhampered by a proscribed syntax. It is a universal language that transcends cultures and neither does it require specialist knowledge or skill. These qualities make it the perfect tool for working with expressive Soundscapes  and narrative.

Hopefully the information on this site will give you a clear idea of how and why sound is beneficial and how you might choose to utilise the power of sound in your own life.

Created by Clifford Sax