When Can Therapeutic Sound Help?

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound can be a magical intervention at any point in one's life. Unlike allopathic medical practice, Sound Therapy is not prescriptive. An Holistic approach is taken and the recipient is far more collaborative when it comes to their healing (or 'wholing') process.

The Sound Therapist who adopts an Holistic approach (as I do) views the many positive effects of Sound Therapy as being natural phenomena on the road to balance (in both mind, body, and spirit).

The client or participant is understood to be far more than their symptom. Whilst therapeutic sound may well lessen or alleviate symptoms, the intent behind therapeutic sound is not to' fix' someone that is' broken' but to allow the individual to find their natural resonance and flourish (and that can occur with - or without - a particular symptom being present).

That said, the following  list describes some of the various challenges facing clients and workshop participants I have worked with over the years for whom sound has brought about positive change.

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Loss of direction
  • Self Esteem challenges
  • Life transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Conflict
  • Spiritual Stagnation
  • Identity challenges

We are energetic beings, INTER-CONNECTED within and without. We are not a collection of  isolated 'parts' like a machine. For this reason the holistic therapeutic approach endeavors to work with the totality of who one is as a being connected to oneself, others, one's sociocultural domain, and the planet. Therapeutic Sound can address any aspect of a lived life.

Far from being grandiose, this is the only sane way of viewing oneself and others on any healing path - it is also the most integrative.

So, what (and who) is Sound Therapy good for? Hopefully it should be clear that it is a sort of panacea that can support and enliven your process at any point on your path.

A Drumming Workshop

What if I just want to play with sound for the 'heaven' of it?

Great! Playing with sound can be very enjoyable. Sonic choirs, Drum circles, Drum journeys, Sound Baths, Chanting Groups, Gong Baths, and Soundscapes are all creative, enlightening, and fun. Sound can bring meaning to one's life, it can create community, and it can help you explore your own process in exciting ways. Ultimately, working and playing with therapeutic sound is simply life enhancing!

Created by Clifford Sax