What have people said about their experience of Sound Therapy Thanet?

"Thank you Clifford for a truly amazing experience, I only wish I could do it justice with words. Cannot wait for my next Sound Bath".

Shirley, Therapist - Broadstairs.

"Wow, what a wonderful experience the Sound Bath was. My ears were in heaven as my mind and body was drenched in magical sounds. My whole being feels nurtured. Thank you for your time and generosity, look forward to my next one".

Abbey, Yoga Teacher - Broadstairs.

"This was my first experience of Sound Therapy and it felt like a clearance allowing new thoughts to materialize. It stopped me thinking about what I needed to do and allowed me to enjoy the moment. I left feeling more engaged and ready for my next session. Thanks!"

Beck, Nurse - Cliftonville.

"I wasn't sure quite what to expect when I booked in for a sound bath, but I'd been feeling very low and run down and Clifford had recommended the treatment as an antidote. When I arrived at the house Clifford was warm and welcoming and made sure that I took a glass of water with me, which was a sweet and caring touch. The room looked amazing with all the metal and crystal bowls laid out and the beautiful gong standing above them. Clifford had prepared everything for my comfort, a bed, an eye-mask to keep out the daylight, a cover to keep warm. The actual treatment was a beautiful  experience and I was lost in sound for an hour that whizzed by. The vibrations touched me deeply and I felt that healing was taking place, it was a peaceful and relaxing experience. At the end of the session Clifford was gentle and kind and ensured that I felt ok before I left the premises. I highly recommend Clifford and his  treatment, I certainly felt it enhanced my well being".

Sheree, Ramsgate.

The Sound Bath: I had no idea what to expect.  On a practical level you can go with a couple of friends - there were 3 of us that went into the room, shoes off and each lay down on a blow up mattress and put an eye mask on. Once my brain had stopped chattering and I had stopped wondering how Clifford was creating the sound, I went on a meditative journey. The sounds are amazing and they resonated seamlessly around the room, time passed very quickly, all stress held in my shoulders, my little niggling headache, were all gone. I’ll say no more – just, you must experience it.

I’ve made an appointment to go back for the one to one. What Clifford does is fabulous - can’t get a better recommendation than that!! Thank you! Much appreciated :-) X

Karen - Cliftonville.

As a long standing beneficiary of Clifford's skill as a therapist, my experience of his 1-2-1 sessions and his Sound Baths is, for me, life changing.

The symptoms of my serious health issues disappear, along with any stress which has accumulated. It is akin to the sun emerging after a stretch of grey skies. I find the healing power of sound truly amazing and with sincere gratitude I say "Thank you Clifford".

Betty, retired teacher / social worker - Palm Bay, Thanet.

"What the f***! I went home, that was the sound of home".

Jenny - Wingham.
Created by Clifford Sax