Who is Clifford Sax?


I have been working with therapeutic sound for over 20 years. I have played the cello and piano my whole life and found them to be decidedly 'therapeutic' but it was my adoption of regular mantra practice (whilst living in a Buddhist community) that cemented a conscious awareness of sound as a therapeutic modality and as a consciousness shifting tool of immense power.

Following a period of music study at The University of Sussex, I trained as a Sound Therapist at The British Academy of Sound Therapy in East Sussex (BAST). Following my training, and at the invitation of sound pioneer Lyz Cooper, I joined the teaching staff of the academy as Senior Tutor. 

I remained at the academy for 7 years  until my relocation to Thanet in December 2011. I happily maintain close links with BAST in an advisory / consultative role. As Senior Tutor I taught various practitioner level diploma courses including those in Sound Therapy, Holistic Voice Therapy, and Sound in the Community. Teaching at BAST also included certificate level courses in Gong Therapy, Drum Therapy, Mantra Therapy, and Tuning Forks. 


Whilst teaching, I maintained a therapeutic practice and worked with various client groups with a chosen focus on mental health.

I have run various workshops and introduced sound into numerous community settings in Brighton & Hove and further afield.

As a way of enriching my experience as a tutor I studied Person Centered Education at the University of Sussex and achieved my Masters Degree in 2009 (MA Ed). Narrative approaches to learning were a core part of my research and currently inform my work with sound. 

More recently (2013) I was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Canterbury Christchurch University. Beyond my sound work, I hold a lecturing post within the supported learning department of Canterbury College.

My work with sound has allowed me the privilege of witnessing the flourishing of trainee Sound Therapists and the profound transformations that can occur with those who have worked therapeutically with sound. 

It is my intention and hope that I am able to have a key role in supporting and nurturing the growth of Therapeutic Sound on this beautiful Isle of Thanet. 

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