Introduction & Welcome

Thanet Shoreline

Welcome to 'Sound Therapy Thanet'. It is my hope that this site will inform you about the 'WHO', 'WHY', 'WHAT', 'WHEN' and 'WHERE' of therapeutic sound.

What follows will hopefully help you decide to experience  some of the wonderful benefits that sound can bring to your life. Sound is interactive and so needs to be experienced rather than read about!

For many, Sound Therapy is a new modality and the first question that arises is "Who is it for?" The answer to this question is a resonant and resounding "EVERYBODY".

The other obvious question for the uninitiated is "What is Sound Therapy?" The answer to this question is more complex and so is explored in more detail throughout the site.

If you live in Thanet you will understand the benefit of experiencing the ebb and flow of the sea. It seems to have an identity of its own that can mirror our emotional or mental states. You will understand the powerful pull of the tides, the meditative calm of a glassy sea in summer, or the raw power of a winter storm.

Therapeutic Sound is like the sea - whilst supporting you, it reflects your inner state and can gently  lead you from stormy seas to calm waters. It can be used recreationally or for exploring your personal process. You can choose to dip your toe into the shallows or dive deep into unchartered waters. The choice is yours!

On this site you will find information about a variety of ways to experience therapeutic sound - all of which I offer in Thanet. The information is presented using the tabs to the left of the page. Simply click on the heading that interests you.  I explain in detail what I offer, my approach, and the tools I use but if you have further questions feel free to use the contact form.

Created by Clifford Sax